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It's not only Ariosto, like Lewis Carroll's Alice, who “went through the looking-glass.” In this special issue of Domenica, it is Italian culture in general that holds itself up to the mirror and to the world by offering in English, the language best suited to travel across continents, a series of articles that exemplify its excellent state of health. In collaboration with the Universal Forum of Cultures in Napoli and in Campania, we have created these eight pages that reflect the most important contents of today's issue.

It constitutes a bona fide edition in English of the Sole 24 Ore's Domenica cultural supplement, to concretely show how this insert may become a champion of our national identity, selecting the best in cultural production in Italy. It is enough to look at Massimo Firpo's analysis of the Italian roots of the radical Enlightenment; he implicitly converses with Jonathan Israel's research project at Princeton, enriching it significantly.

Or at “Spectacular Bramantino” by Marco Bona Castellotti, or at the literary quality of Ermanno Cavazzoni (with his hilarious, tragic tale about the misfortune of winning the lottery). Or to read the bitter reflections of Ermanno Bencivenga (an Italian philosopher who teaches in California) on how we destroyed that glorious school of logic fostered by Ludovico Geymonat and Corrado Mangione, historical collaborators of Domenica. Yes, because it is fine and well to speak well of our country as a cultural “Wonderland,” but it also helps if we identify problems and shortcomings.

An international perspective can be of great assistance to overcome these shortcomings, whether we speak about scientific culture or if we have good management of our artistic and natural treasures at heart. Domenica in English will also be presented Tuesday in Florence at the Stati Generali della Lingua Italiana nel Mondo. Italian language and culture are loved and studied throughout the world, but they even more appreciated where mirrored in the language of Shakespeare.

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