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Il Sole 24 ore ha pubblicato il 19 ottobre scorso un inserto di otto pagine con una selezione di testi del supplemento culturale Domenica tradotto in lingua inglese. Vi riproponiamo l’inserto accompagnato dalla presentazione, sia in inglese che in italiano, del direttore Roberto Napoletano

I remember the red cheeks and the sound of his voice when Carlo Azeglio Ciampi rose up against the European Commission's decision not to translate any longer speeches in Italian. Instead, the Italian translation was substituted by Polish. To those who asked him to furnish one good reason why there should still an Italian translation, Ciampi brusquely replied, «Because Italian is the international language of culture».

As civil servant in love with his country with its remarkable natural and artistic heritage, Ciampi pronounced a great truth. A profound and universal idea of Italianness and the founding ideals of the nation: we are the world champions of culture. It comes from a long cosmopolitan history and no one will ever take our title away despite our recurrent heinous lacks. That is of fact.

This cultural aspect is the signature of the uniqueness of Italian culture made up of products for the home and the person. But we should not forget mechanical precision instruments, a mix of innovation and know-how, landscape, craftsmanship, good cuisine, that is all called Made in Italy. This represents the cultural and economic flag of Italy. So that this flag may wave proudly throughout the world, we are relying for once on English, the language of business.

The article here by Armando Massarenti highlights that the best of Italian culture maybe found right here in the pages of «Domenica»; this special edition at the center of the paper will be distributed internationally. This decision is part of the editorial plan to internationalize the contents of «Il Sole 24 ore», featuring «Italy 24», an online paper completely in English and entirely dedicated to Italy with the same sections as the newspaper. This also includes «Domenica» and maybe something more. All this to tell the world about Italy as we always do. We are sure that Ciampi will approve.

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