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HURRY! Was the November 10th headline following a day in which the assessment of markets on Italy expressed itself in a BTp-Bund spread of over 550 basis points and a yield on long-term Italian bonds that exceeded 7%. Numbers that make one shiver, which directly touch the savings and work of Italians and that indicate the falling point of a long political and civil attrition process.

It is up to Mario Monti and his governing body to recover the confidence of the world in Italy. To obtain it, the international credibility of who heads the government helps (a lot), but to gain it back on a steady basis facts are needed, not words. Those facts that the Country has been awaiting for at least a couple of decades and that, to become reality, first of all need the (convinced) vote of politics, of a good part of the former ruling coalition and of the former opposition. In the name of and on behalf of the Italian cause that demands a sense of responsibility from everyone: inside and outside Parliament.

We had asked to hurry and that is happening thanks to the determined and longsighted action of the Head of State. Political forces should not slow down the process. We take the liberty of suggesting to Professor Monti to speak the (bitter) language of truth because we are well aware that Italy's redemption and safety (not just economic) depend on his capability of persuading politics, civil society, productive forces, unions and the self-employed. Everyone will have to give something up and will have to do so knowing that what is at stake is the present and future of everyone. We need the shared spirit that existed after the Second World War and it will not be at all easy to reconstruct it. It will be enough to do our duty, but we have to believe in it.
(Translated by Yael Schrage)

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