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Dec. 7, 2010 — Samuel Phineas Upham, of New York, N.Y., was indicted conspiring with a family member to hide over $11 million in an offshore UBS bank account. He also assisted in establishing a sham foundation in Liechtenstein to further conceal money from the IRS.

Nov. 19, 2010 — Bernard Goldstein, of Carlsbad, Calif., was indicted for conspiracy to defraud the IRS, filing false tax returns, and failing to file Report of Foreign Bank or Financial Accounts (FBARs). Goldstein is alleged to have transferred over $2 million in a UBS account to a sham Panamanian corporation in an effort to conceal the account from the IRS.

Nov. 10, 2010 — Sybil Nancy Upham, of Manhattan, N.Y., pleaded guilty to conspiring to defraud the IRS and subscribing to false federal income tax returns. As part of her plea agreement, Upham has agreed to pay over $5.5 million in penalties for failure to file FBARs. On April 15, 2010, Upham was indicted with five other individuals for hiding millions of dollars in secret Swiss bank accounts.

Oct. 4, 2010 — Gregory Rudolph, of Brookline, Mass., pleaded guilty to failing to comply with foreign bank account reporting requirements. UBS bankers assisted Rudolph with creating a shell company registered in the British Virgin Islands and a shell corporation registered in Hong Kong in hiding in excess of $1 million. In October 2010, Rudolph was indicted with Peter Schober.

Sept. 17, 2010 — Federico Hernandez, of New York, N.Y., was sentenced to 12 months in prison, six months home confinement, and ordered to pay a civil FBAR penalty of $4.4 million. Hernandez used sham companies set up in the British Virgin Islands and Panama to conceal his ownership of UBS accounts totaling $8.8 million.

July 1, 2010 — Leonid Zaltsberg, of Milltown, N.J., pleaded guilty to filing a false tax return for 2003 and failing to file a Report of Foreign Bank or Financial Accounts (FBAR). In his plea agreement, Zatlsberg admitted failing to disclose the existence of a Swiss bank account on his tax returns for the years 2000 through 2006 and concealing over $2 million in his Swiss account. On Dec. 20, 2010, Zaltsberg was sentenced to four years of probation, including one year of home confinement. In addition, he was ordered to pay civil penalties for failing to file an FBAR and a $3,000 fine.

April 13, 2010 — Paul Zabczuk, of The Woodlands, Texas, pleaded guilty to filing a false tax return wherein he failed to report his interest in or signature authority over financial accounts at UBS AG. Zabczuk was sentenced on July 27, 2010, to three years of supervised release with one year served in home detention and 150 hours community service. In addition, Zabczuk was ordered to file accurate tax returns and pay all taxes, interest and penalties due and owing to the IRS.


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