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A necessary first step is to restore the humanities in high school and university curricula. Exposure to literature, philosophy, and history will inspire young people to seek a life of richness – one that includes making creative, innovative contributions to society. Indeed, studying the canon will do more than provide young people with a set of narrow skills; it will shape their perceptions, ambitions, and capabilities in new and invigorating ways. In my book , I cite some key figures who articulate and inspire modern values.

The humanities describe the ascent of the modern world. Countries worldwide can use the humanities to develop or revive the economies that drove this ascent, while helping individuals to lead more productive and fulfilling lives.

Edmund S. Phelps, a Nobel laureate in economics, is Director of Columbia University’s Center on Capitalism and Society and Dean of the Newhuadu Business School. He is the author of many books, including and .

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