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As election day approaches, parties woo voters with bigger promises. Initiatives go quickly out of date and are piling up. Silvio Berlusconi surprised the electorate and his rival parties with his scheme to return the IMU (property tax) to Italian home owners: and he said he has more ideas to come. Others are not slow to catch on. Mario Monti says now it is possible to lower the tax burden. The leader of the Democratic Party Bersani raised the stakes: 7.5 billion over three years to schools and hospitals.

It is not easy to calculate the impact all this may have on voters. It can be said, however, that most of them seem indifferent to these promises. Forecasts suggest that only a few will vote on parties "last minute" proposals, as many have already made their minds up. Political leaders are aware of this. Their focus remains on the 30% of voters who still claim to be undecided. It is likely that some of these in the end will simply not vote. Others will take a decision based on falling in with whoever puts together the best offering. These choices will be decisive in a contest that will be fought right up until the last vote.

The Cavaliere is in a unique position compared to his competitors. Among undecided voters many of them include disappointed former supporters of Pdl or Forza italia. Beppe Grillo is also focusing his attention on this same group. The comedian and blogger champion of anti-politics wants to get to Parliament courting those who have decided to move away from traditional parties as well as those unwilling to vote. The upshot is: many undecided voters and many parties chasing votes. The race in on.
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