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Also Lombardy, one of the "regional battlegrounds" over which a majority in the Senate will be fought, is feeling the strong winds of the judicial storm hitting again the PDL's stronghold. Prosecutors in Milan closed the investigation into two health centers based in the capital of the region, accusing the outgoing PDL Governor of Lombardy, Roberto Formigoni, of criminal organization and corruption.

Formigoni is believed to have received "benefits" (yacht trips, vacations and luxury travel) amounting to 8 million euro in exchange for services allocated to two health facilities in the region. The former Governor has denied the allegations joking that the prosecution only moved so quickly against him to cover the scandal of the Montepaschi bank, which on the contrary is damaging the PD.
The sound of handcuffs does not, however, necessarily increase the possibility of victory for the PDL and Lega Nord in Lombardy, one of the key regions, where the more difficult game of controlling governance of the country, after the elections, will be played out. Even Lega, albeit indirectly, is now grappling with legal problems: the CEO of Finmeccanica, Giuseppe Orsi, who was arrested earlier this week for alleged bribery, is known to be very close to Lega, very close indeed.

The PDL, in addition to Formigoni's affair, is involved in another high profile open case: former minister and ex-governor of Puglia, Raffaele Fitto, a member Silvio Berlusconi's party, was sentenced this week to four years in prison on charges of corruption and abuse of office. According to the magistrates, he received a bribe of 500 thousand euro.
Problems surrounding the PDL on the regional front, weigh heavily on the crucial vote in Lombardy. In this region 47 senators are elected. The winning party or coalition takes 26 seats; losers get 21 seats broken down by the various warring factions that exceed the threshold of 8 percent. In a simulation put together by experts at "IlSole24Ore", winning in Lombardy PD and SEL would get 26 seats. But if they were to lose, they would take only 12. A loss of 14 seats is equivalent to almost 5% of seats in the Senate and almost 9% of seats needed for an absolute majority in the Upper House 0f Parliament. The PD is being shaken by legal storms as well, waged on the third largest Italian bank, Monte dei Paschi di Siena, which is known to be very close to the left-wing parties.

The scenario is not at all clear. Voters are confused and disoriented as every day come announcements of new judicial investigations which, directly or indirectly, go to the top of the political establishment: Formigoni and Fitto, Finmeccanica and Eni (Saipem), Montepaschi. In the end, in the wake of these scandals the party that can gain the most votes is a protest party such as that of Beppe Grillo. The former comedian, according to political commentators, could gain further ground in Lombardy now, winning more support from the PDL electorate. He can conquer votes from the so-called "undecided" after having taken votes from the PD and the left at the time of setting up his "Movimento 5 stelle". (Traduzione di James Tierney)